Who we are

The company.

The Sardinian snail was born as an individual company in 2013 from the idea of Mei Tomasi Marco and Cardenio Armando, who, struck by the important healing and skin regeneration properties, scientifically proven and attributed to snail drool, decide to start a helicopter farm in Sulcis, a small territory in the south west of Sardinia.

Allevamento Elicicolo La lumaca di Sardegna
 La lumaca di Sardegna
After visiting the most important farms on the national territory, they decide to participate in a training course and face the first investment with their own financial resources. After about two years of experience in the field of helicopter breeding, the time has come to take the next step, to start studying and researching, to open up to the world of cosmetics. Thanks to the research carried out, they find collaboration in an established cosmetic production laboratory and thus begin a path of production and sale of cosmetic products with their own brand: Helix Healty.
Logo Helix Healty

The Mission.

"Let's take care of ourselves in a really natural way".

These are the keywords that summarize our mission.

We want to offer a truly effective personal care product and we want to do it using only and exclusively natural products. Anyone who takes care of their person, anyone who needs to want to keep their youthful appearance will have to find a sincere product, which keeps what it promises and which is "naturally" safe for their skin.