Frequent questions

    Do snail slime products have a sticky consistency?

    No, the basic ingredient is snail slime but the formulation includes, in addition to other natural active ingredients, some excipients that have the purpose of preserving, uniforming and defining the consistency of the final product.

    What is the difference between the serum and the cream?

    The cream is a product that serves to hydrate, firm and nourish the skin, moreover its particular formulation activates the microcirculation by acting on the superficial layers of the skin.
    The serum is used to reduce the signs of aging, keeping the skin smooth, smooth and soft. Its action is aimed at acting in the deeper layers of the skin, counteracting cellular aging.

    Can I wear makeup after using your products?

    Yes, our products are designed to be used as a make-up base, we recommend waiting at least 5 minutes before applying make-up or until the products are completely absorbed by the skin.

    I felt a sensation of heat while using the mask, is this normal?

    Yes, during application it is normal to feel an increasing sensation of heat with a slight reddening of the skin, this effect is due to the increase in microcirculation, this means that the product is performing its function. Everything disappears after about 20-30 minutes from the rinsing phase.

    What routines do you recommend for the face?

    We recommend using the Helix Day Cream in the morning after cleansing, while the Helix AntiAge Serum at night before going to sleep, we also recommend using the Helix Lifting Mask at least 1 or 2 times a week in combination with the other two. products. You can possibly complete the daily routine by using the Helix Eye Serum in the morning and evening.

    Is Helix Day Cream good for dry skin?

    Yes, its formulation rich in active ingredients including snail slime, Kigelia Africana and olive, avocado and sweet almond oils, makes the cream moisturizing and stimulates skin regeneration.

    I have oily skin, can i still use your products?

    All our products can be used on all skin types thanks to their formulation.

    What type of stains is the Helix EvenSkin Serum applied to?

    Its formulation has been designed to effectively combat spots such as freckles, senile lentigo, solar lentigo, localized hyperpigmentation and spots due to old scars, inhibiting the production of melanin providing an effective skin lightening action.

    How is Helix EvenSkin Serum used and how long does it take to see the effects?

    Helix EvenSkin Serum is applied only on spots 2 or 3 times a day, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or UV lamps during the entire treatment period. The results are visible already after 3-4 weeks of constant daily application.

    How many times a day can I use Helix Dermo Repair?

    Its anti-reddening and adjuvant formulation in inflammatory stages has no particular contraindications, we recommend applying the reparative cream 3 or 4 times a day as needed.

    Can I use Helix Body Cream to prevent pregnancy stretch marks?

    Yes, the body cream with snail slime, mallow and sweet almond oil helps the natural renewal of the skin, deeply hydrating it and giving it softness and elasticity. It is also effective for dry, chapped and stretch-mark skin.

    Is Helix Hand Repair used only as a moisturizer?

    No, its composition has been designed to repair particularly damaged hands, so in addition to being a moisturizer, it is mainly a restorative cream that restores balance and normalizes the skin until it heals completely.